Empowering our community through action.

We want a strong, engaged and vibrant city where all people feel safe, supported and connected.

Unfortunately, like many other communities across the province, and across the nation, we currently face drug, health and economic challenges that are affecting our community and the people who live here.

This page provides information about the resources available to downtown businesses, residents and visitors. When you see issues, knowing who to call helps you do your part to reduce crime and improve community safety. Remember, we are all in this together.

Social Diversion Team

The Social Diversion team consists of specially-trained professionals that can provide front line assessment, intervention and support. They can connect people in crisis with the social services they need, such as housing supports, mental health supports, detox programs and harm reduction resources.

When should I call the Social Diversion Team (2-1-1, press 2)?

If you see someone who is:

  • Experiencing a mental health or medical (non-emergency) crisis
  • Intoxicated or otherwise impaired
  • Requiring transport to appropriate services (i.e. a shelter)
  • Sleeping in an unsafe space and/or inappropriately dressed for the weather
  • Requiring social services (i.e. housing, nutrition, health or community supports)
  • Likely to come to harm without intervention

And the individual is not posing an immediate harm to themselves or others, call 403-406-2200.

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DBA Clean Team

The DBA's Clean Team works hard to ensure the downtown is a clean and safe place to visit and do business. They start in the early morning hours and much of their work is complete before the business day begins. The responsibilities of this small team include picking up litter, emptying garbages, cleaning and maintaining street furniture, repairing and replacing banners, and clearing debris, cigarette butts and broken glass from sidewalks in the Downtown. Please note, the Clean Team is available to those in the Business Improvement Area (BIA) only. 

Contact the DBA for more information