Systems Leadership Team hosts Community Safety Summit in Red Deer

Crime, housing, homelessness, mental health and addictions were some of the topics discussed yesterday when a group of community leaders from across Red Deer came together to talk about safety, and what they, as a team, can collectively do to improve these issues in the community.

The Community Safety Summit was led by a team of community representatives, known as the Systems Leadership Team (SLT), which includes representatives from Alberta Health Services, Children’s Services, The City of Red Deer, Red Deer Catholic and Public School Districts, Community Corrections, RCMP and Urban Aboriginal Voices Society.

SLT is focused on community safety, identifying system gaps, potential solutions and opportunities for strategies that enable a more collaborative approach to some of the challenges Red Deerians are currently facing.

Red Deer has dedicated groups that continue to work hard to create a safe place for everyone in our community. By bringing these organizations together in a coordinated way moves our community closer to a safer Red Deer to benefit everyone who lives here.

The launch of the SLT stems from Red Deer’s Community Safety Strategy adopted by City Council in September 2016 which recommended the formation of a coordinated approach to effectively and efficiently deal with community safety issues.

SLT leader quotes:

“Nurturing safe environments takes the collaboration of community partners, who together can address the many complex social issues that can impact the sense of safety in a community. Alberta Health Services (AHS) is committed to continuing to work with our community partners to do what we can to enhance safety for all members of the community through improved collaboration among partners.” - Laurie Holt, Alberta Health Services

“Community Safety is important to me, just as it is to all Red Deerians.  Being part of the Systems Leadership Team has provided me an opportunity to work with and view community safety through a broader lens. There is a wealth of wisdom and expertise within existing community collaborations and community agencies across our city. This is an opportunity to challenge ourselves to work together to build a coordinated approach to a healthier, safer community for those we serve and who live with in our community.” - Peggy Olstad, Children’s Services, Government of Alberta

“The RCMP in Red Deer has been a partner in SLT since its inception and values the partnerships it has developed. The RCMP is fully committed to working in a collaborative forum with our various agencies in Red Deer. Currently the Red Deer RCMP participate in 17 different collaboratives in Red Deer. The citizens and agencies of Red Deer have shown a strong willingness to work together for the betterment of individuals and to contribute to community safety. The SLT is here to support those collaboratives and hopefully add to their excellent work while also breaking down any obstructions that these groups may be facing. We in the SLT aim to look at community safety with one overarching view and not focus on one type of event. This view will enhance community safety for all Red Deerians. This view will help us to take the next steps in collaborative work, find synergies and efficiencies within the groups thereby providing an enhanced service with the resources in place.” - Gerald Grobmeier, Superintendent, Red Deer RCMP

"Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools is committed to supporting the City's Community Safety Strategy as we believe that this is a larger societal issue that affects all stakeholders in Red Deer. Collaboratively, RDCRS is very open to working with other community agencies as we examine the root solutions that will make Red Deer a safer city. As a Community Safety Strategy plan is developed and implemented, RDCRS will provide as much support as possible from an educational perspective." - Dave Khatib, Associate Superintendent of Inclusive Learning, Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools

“Red Deer Community Corrections has been involved in the Systems Leadership Team for the past two years and recognizes the importance of a systems approach to creating a safe community.  There are many diverse agencies and stakeholders within the city that all play a vital role in supporting and establishing a safer city.  The Systems Leadership Teams values the significance of each community member and how they collectively contribute to making the City of Red Deer a safe place to live, work and play.” - Sharla Heistad, Red Deer Community Corrections

“Red Deer Public School District see great value in coordinating our community's work around community safety. By working proactively and collaborative today, we can build a stronger community for tomorrow. So many agencies in our community are working so hard on key issues, and by working in a more coordinated way, we can be more effective!” - Stu Henry, Superintendent and Chad Erickson, Student Services - Associate Superintendent, Red Deer Public School District

“The City of Red Deer Protective Services has a focus on crime prevention, law and bylaw enforcement, victim services and we provide emergency medical services and emergency communications to connect anyone needing emergency assistance with help. Our involvement with the Systems Leadership Team allows us to work collaboratively with community organizations that have the same goals.” - Paul Goranson, Director Protective Services, The City of Red Deer 

“The City of Red Deer Community Services works to remove barriers and provide opportunities to ultimately improve citizens’ quality of life. Through SLT we are able to work together with our systems partners to create meaningful change in the everyday lives of Red Deerians.” - Sarah Cockerill, Director Community Services, The City of Red Deer

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