Participants shared hundreds of ideas for actions that police can take. See the full Police Summary Board (pdf) for all ideas discussed. The most talked about ideas generated by participants were:

  • Implement innovate ways to communicate current crime prevention initiatives to the community
  • Work more with community partners; School/Community Liaison workers (bridge), Citizens on Patrol/Neighborhood Watch, etc.
  • Support more targeted programs, such as SCAN - Safe Comminutes And Neighborhoods'
  • Increase police visibility in the community / to community members

Action Ideas for police per issue

  1. Increased response times
  2. Increased police presence downtown
  3. Crime mapping
  4. Customer service and improved citizen/victim interaction
  1. Increased response times
  2. Increased police presence in schools
  3. Increased public visibility
  1. Improved communication and education
  2. Increased overall community support and investment in relationships
  3. Crime Mapping
  1. Improved presence downtown
  2. Increased enforcement
  1. Increased police presence downtown
  2. Different utilization of community peace officers