Participants shared hundreds of ideas for actions that citizens can take. See the full Citizens Summary Board (pdf) for all ideas discussed. The most talked about ideas generated by participants were:

  • Utilize CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) on private property
  • Engage in neighbourly social connections
  • Participate in Community Associations and Block Parties
  • Increase reporting
  • Volunteer/Mentor/Engage with youth

Action Ideas for Citizens per issue

  1. Host a block party
  2. Report suspicious or criminal activities
  3. Get to know your neighbours
  4. Increase security measures
  5. Self defence and personal protection courses/training
  1. Register your camera (CAPTURE)
  2. Neighbourhood watch programs
  3. Get to know your neighbours
  4. Report crime and suspicious criminal activity
  5. Host a block party
  1. Citizens on Patrol/ Neighbourhood watch
  2. Improved security measures (cameras)
  3. Increased reporting to police
  1. Increased reporting
  2. Increased education and information about addictions
  1. Visit downtown
  2. Shop and support local
  3. Increased parks and trails usage     
  4. Citizens on Patrol/ Neighbourhood Watch 
  5. Report suspicious or criminal activities