Participants shared hundreds of ideas for actions that businesses can take. See the full Local Businesses Summary Board (pdf) for all ideas discussed. The most talked about ideas generated by participants were:

  • Utilize CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) on business property
  • Support social connections through events and activities, particularly at night

Action Ideas for businesses per issue

  1. Increased security and monitoring
  2. Better lighting
  3. Pet friendly environments
  1. Increased security measures (cameras)
  2. Increase communication
  3. Increased public and legitimate activities
  1. Improved security measured (CCTVs)
  2. Increased partnerships
  3. Increased reporting to police
  1. Improved community partnerships (police and business to business)
  2. Increased education and communication
  1. Visit downtown
  2. Shop and support local
  3. Increased parks and trails usage     
  4. Partnership programs with social supports/agencies
  5. Increased security (cameras)
  6. Employee safe work practices