Day One: Self-Guided Learning

Building The Lens

You will notice some items in the list below have an *asterisk in front of them. Please ensure these are completed as preparation for the in-person training. All other items are optional.

Learning OutcomeLearning Tool
Define trauma and understand different types of trauma
  1. *AHS Module 1: What is Trauma-informed Care? (2 hours - online)
  2. Intergenerational Trauma #1 (3.5 minutes - YouTube)
  3. *Intergenerational Trauma #2 (4.5 minutes - YouTube)
  4. Adverse Childhood Experiences can be connectors to joy (18 minutes - TEDx talk)
Identify signs and symptoms of trauma
  1. *AHS Module 2: What is Trauma? (2 hours - online)
  2. *Adverse Childhood Experiences: How childhood trauma can make you a sick adult (8 minutes - Mental Health Channel TV - online)
Understand the impact and effects of trauma
  1. Early Brain development (4.5 minutes - online)
  2. *Empathy vs Sympathy, Brene Brown (3 minutes - online)
  3. Addictions and Trauma: Johan Hari (14 minutes - TED talk)
  4. *Brain's Journey to Resilience (pdf)  (10 minutes - reading)
  5. AHS Module 4: Loss and Grief after trauma (2 hours - online)
  6. *Brain's Journey to Resilience (8 minutes - YouTube)
  7. How Childhood Trauma Affects Health (15 minutes - online)
Recognize the signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma and vicarious resilience
  1. Shuffle dancing (40 seconds - online)
  2. *Moving from ACES to Resilience (6 minutes - online)
  3. *Caring for self while caring for others, Dr. Gabor Mate (1 hour 15 minutes - online)
Develop a self-sustainability plan to promote psychological mental health and wellness
  1. Journalling (ongoing, self-guided)
  2. Belly breathing, Sesame Street (ongoing - 3 minutes - online)
  3. Tibetan music (ongoing - 34 minutes, can be looped - online)
  4. *Four square breathing (ongoing - 6 minutes)

Please submit your Completion Form when you have finished your online trauma training. To participate in Level 2 In-Person trauma training, the completion of Level 1 Online trauma training is mandatory.

Day Two: In-Person Training

Develop Your Skills

In Level Two, your in-person session will teach you to recognize trauma-related behaviours, about trauma-related symptoms within yourself, and about great ways to respond that reduce trauma. Registration for in-person training is now open! Please ensure you have completed Level 1 online training prior to submitting your Level 2 registration form. 

Register now for Level 2 in-person trauma awareness training.