Here you will find very brief links to satisfy some of your early curiosity.

Learning about:What it is:
Quotes-small reminders to inspire thought
  • “The secret sauce is all about regulating first, before you try and teach. Connection before direction.” (Dr. Jody Carrington)
  • “A relationship with the one you are trying to teach, lead or love is where all the power lies.” (Dr. Jody Carrington)
  • “Connection is why we’re here: it gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” (Dr. Brene Brown)
  • “Unconditional parental love is the indefensible nutrient for the child’s healthy emotional growth” (Dr. Gordon Neufeld)
  • “Children learn best when they like their teachers and they think their teacher likes them.” (Dr. Gordon Neufeld)
Online videos 
Articles  Brain's Journey to Resilience (pdf)  (10 minutes) 
TED talks  Adverse Childhood Experiences Can Be Connectors for Joy-a very human story (18 minutes)


Here, you have some knowledge of trauma, but you want to learn more.

Learning about:What it is:Notes:
Articles Brain's Journey to Resilience (pdf) (10 minutes)  
TED talks Adverse Childhood Experiences Can Be Connectors for Joy-a very human story (18 minutes)  
Podcasts Caring For Ourselves While Caring for Others-Gabor Mate (1 hour 15 minutes)  
Articles/Books Walking the Tiger-Peter Levine with Ann Frederick-Insightful book offering ideas for exercises to help heal the impact of trauma on the brain. Available in audiobook on a free trial basis.
TED talks/podcast  


Perhaps you have a good awareness about trauma, but you want to take a deeper dive.

Learning about:What it is:Notes:
Articles & Books
  • Widely available, free at the public library
  • See attached link for PDF download.
TED talks/podcast


Adverse Childhood Experiences
Child Advocacy Centre Modules
Brain Story Certification - Completion of 19 modules, self-paced, intended to teach about Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the impact on brain and social development Online, no cost. 19 modules, self-paced
Blanket Exercise Interactive activity that allows the participant to experience a small bit of how traditional lands became rapidly diminished, and how Nations were broken up. Contact Red Deer Native Friendship Society for details
Alberta Health Services Trauma Training Module #1-What is Trauma-Informed Care? User-friendly in plain language, explores broad ideas about Trauma Informed Care. (about 3 hours) Online. Free. 
Alberta Health Services Trauma Training Module #2-What is Trauma? User-friendly in plain language, broad scope trauma, from childhood, to cultural aspects, to role-related experiences. (about 3 hours) Online. Free. 
Indigenous Awareness Canada: 101-Indigenous Awareness Introduction User-friendly, allows time to complete, broad scope look at basic knowledge (ie; Treaties, languages, cultures, historical impact) Online. Cost $48, 6 months to complete
*NOTE- Indigenous Awareness Canada offers group rates.