Building Resilience Through Trauma Awareness

Building resilience means we can stay safe, can bounce back from adversity, and can teach by example. We are inspired by trauma-informed practices that encourage self-awareness, self-care, awareness of others’ responses, and responding well to people who may be reacting from a place of trauma.

Trauma Awareness

The experience of trauma is a social one. For example, maybe you witnessed a car accident, or someone yelling in the street. For a long while after, you flinch a bit when you hear a loud crunch, or loud voices. This is a trauma-trigger. It does not impair your day-to-day functioning, but you do have an unconscious response.

Trauma-awareness is all about learning about yours’ and others’ experiences of trauma. It is learning about different sources of trauma, about different outward expressions of trauma, about responding well to those expressions, and about taking good care of yourself to minimize your own experiences of trauma.


On our resources page, you will find short, easy-to-understand, links to TEDtalks, Youtube videos,  articles, learning online modules, and in-person recommendations for learning more. These resources are about learning about trauma, how you can manage your own trauma, and gaining an understanding about how others may have experienced and responded to trauma. 


Our training is offered on two levels.

  • Level One: Self-Guided Learning, you can learn at your own pace, following the prescribed outline and;
  • Level Two: In-Person Learning, which builds off and complements Level One. Registration for in-person training is now open.