Other Orders of Government

Participants shared hundreds of ideas for actions that other orders of government can take. See the full Orders of Government Summary Board (pdf) for all ideas discussed. The most talked about ideas generated by participants were:

  • Support judicial resources
  • Implement new ways to communication information on treatment centres (some citizens are in support of them and some are against them)

Action Ideas for other orders of government per issue

  1. Change personal protection laws
  2. Local treatment and rehabilitation programs
  3. Harsher penalties for criminals
  1. More rights for homeowners
  2. Harsher penalties for criminals
  1. Overall revised approach to justice
  2. Harsher penalties for criminals
  3. Increased mental health support
  4. Early intervention and youth programs /school programs
  1. Needle exchange program
  2. Local treatment
  3. Review of SCS model/site
  4. Harsher penalties for criminals
  1. Harsher penalties for criminals
  2. Review social support model
  3. New courthouse
  4. Local treatment
  5. Focus on mental health