The City of Red Deer

Participants shared hundreds of ideas for actions that The City of Red Deer can take. See the full City of Red Deer Summary Board (pdf)  for all ideas discussed. The most talked about ideas generated by participants were:

  • Different ways of educating and providing information to citizens on how to protect themselves, what their rights are, what the City is doing in regards to Community Safety, etc.
  • Support processes / infrastructure to increase citizen reporting of crimes/suspicious activity
  • Enhance CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) in public places as well as support for businesses and citizens to implement on their own properties
  • Support social events and activities downtown, especially at night

Action Ideas for The City of Red Deer per issue

  1. Increase community events downtown
  2. Increase free public events
  3. Increase security and monitoring (CCTVs)
  4. Increase lighting in public spaces
  5. Increase communication and education for citizens
  1. Increase security measures in public spaces (CCTVs)
  2. Improve lighting in public spaces
  3. Subsidize purchase of security systems
  4. Increase communication with citizens
  5. Bicycle bylaws
  1. Revised approach to addressing homelessness
  2. Increase communication and education
  3. Increase policing/bylaw
  4. Increase advocacy
  1. Local treatment
  2. Review of SCS model/sites
  3. Policy changes - new/ updated bylaws
  4. Needle exchange program
  5. Increased communication with citizens
  6. Increased enforcement
  1. Reduce social supports
  2. Increase business incentives 
  3. Increased events/legitimate activity (Night activity)  
  4. Address Derelict properties
  5. Subsidize security
  6. Revise bylaws/policy changes