What the Community Said

Between November and January, hundreds of Red Deerians talked about crime and community safety at a series of public meetings and online engagement. Red Deerians talked about the issues and ideas for change.

The most talked about issues were:

This issue included residential and commercial property crime, which comes in many forms including graffiti, theft/shoplifting and property damage, to name a few. Property crime against businesses and in downtown Red Deer was also discussed.

This issue highlighted current challenges associated with addressing crime and community safety in Red Deer. This topic area included conversations about federal, provincial and municipal roles, law and policing.

Addictions, substance abuse, treatment, drug/needle debris and the respective impacts of each, were all highlighted within the topic area of addictions and substance abuse. There was a focus on impacts for the individuals engaged in this behaviour as well as the real and potential impacts to the overall safety of our community as a whole.

The topic area of personal and community safety pertains specifically to the feelings of safety people have where they live, work and play in our community. This topic area included a variety of issues such as police presence, parks and trails, cameras, rough sleeper camps, etc. 

There are concerns about the overall economic impact on local businesses and our community with crime being associated as one factor. In some cases, businesses have reported decreased profits and increased costs stemming from things like crime, property damage and citizens feeling unsafe in downtown Red Deer. Downtown was highlighted as an area of concern as it pertains to these impacts.

Ideas generated:

All participants were asked to identify ideas for action that The City of Red Deer, police, citizens, businesses and other orders of government could take that would have an immediate impact on alleviating these issues. We received thousands of ideas for action. Explore each group below.